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Washington Policy Research - Midterm Election Years 5/13/22

Quarterly Market Update Q2

Russia-Ukraine war renews focus on energy policy

Addressing Market Volatility

On the Russia-Ukraine Tensions

Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions: A Market Update

Quick Takes Video on Inflation

Baird Trust

Market Commentary April 2022

Market Commentary June 2022

Market Commentary July 2022

Wealth Management

Building Portfolios for Volatile Times

Dangers of Portfolio Tinkering

How to Deal with Volatility

Staying the Course

Can a Stock Market Selloff Be a Good Thing

Financial Plans Evolve Through Every Stage of Life

Getting Ahead of the Curve

Putting Investment Eggs in Multiple Baskets

Ten Things To Do When Your Child Turns 18

Retirement Planning

Protecting the Nest Egg After You’re on Your Own

You’ve Made Your Career Move – Now What?

The IRS’s New Rules for Your Retirement Distributions

After You Max Out Your 401(k)

Tax Planning

2022 Tax Facts

529 Savings Plan Tax Impact

Taking Advantage of Tax-Loss Harvesting - 2020

Tax Planning

Strategies for Estimate Tax Payments

Estate Planning

Keeping Your Legacy Secure

Get Your Estate Plans in Order

What to do When You Lose a Loved One

In the Markets Now

Baird's Private Wealth Management Investment Strategy Analyst Ross Mayfield, CFA

July, 2022

On a Difficult Quarter

Recessions and returns

June, 2022

The benefits of dollar cost averaging in a down market

An inflation miss and a bear market

Bear market realities

May, 2022

Soft landing

Selloffs through history

Market falls, earnings grow

Volatility Everywhere

Market Update

April, 2022

Historic Bearishness

Echoes of 1982

Party like it's 1994

March, 2022

A dose of optimism

The recession predictor

The Fed raised rates

What to do when the market corrects

Ukraine and uncertainty

February, 2022

The trend that could ease the market's woes

January, 2022

What does a weak January mean for rest of year returns?

How to think about a stock market correction 

Evaluating the struggling market in early 2022

December, 2021

What does a correction look like?

October, 2021

Consumers hate inflation, but should investors?